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Preston is known throughout the country and parts of Europe as a passionate visual designer, instructor and clinician. A Key ingredient that Preston possesses is his personality. He can get along with anyone and his sense of humor as well as his professionalism has worked in harmony over many years. This combination is the kind of glue that an organization needs when getting many passionate and creative people together.

"One of Preston's best attributes is his vision of the totality of a program. He sees music, drill, dance, theatre and guard equipment work as components of the greater whole. Couple his musicianship with his extensive background as a visual designer and extended training in dance, theatre and color guard, and you have a person that can drive a program from all sides. Each member of the design team can be assured that their voice will be heard through knowledgeable ears. Preston has taken on many musical ensembles and incorporated high levels of body movement to enhance the entire audio-visual experience in an intelligent and artistic way."

Key Poulan

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Preston Howard



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Here at (phshowdesigns) you can find all of your visual needs from original custom drill designs for marching band, drum corps, winter guard / winter percussion ensembles, as well as Slightly Used, Successfully Proven Designs for an affordable price.


Preston Howard Show Designs is your place to find quality Custom Show Designs for your marching ensembles to fit any program.



Julius Caesar


Music by Jeff Tinsley. Percussion by Jeff Tinsley & Danny Bierwas.

Music by Key Poulan. Percussion by Shawn Glyde & Dan Bryan.

Music Composed by Dr. Gary P. Gilroy. Percussion by Shawn Glyde and Danny Bierwas.




Music Arranged by Jeff Tinsley . Percussion by Jeff Tinsley.

Music Composed by Dr. Gary P. Gilroy. Percussion by Shawn Glyde.

Music by Scott Director. Percussion by Scott Director and Phillip Idel.

These "Slightly Used, Successfully Proven" (SUSP) Designs are available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of an "Original Custom Design," and will be sold AS IS at very reasonable prices.
These shows can also be modified to better fit your group's numbers and instrumentation for an additional fee that will be determined by the degree of modification.


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If you are interested in a creative and contemporary approach to visual design that highlights the musical repertoire through optimal staging of your musical voices, drama and powerful body movement moments for your ensemble,
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